Work done

What is Work done?

When a force causes an object to move, work is being done on the object by the force. Work is the measure of the energy transfer when the force (F) moves the object through a distance (d). When work is done, energy is being transferred from one energy store to another, and therefore: energy transferred = work done.

Work done equation

To calculate Work done we write the equation like this.

$W = { \text F \; \text x \; \text D}$

Work done demo

In this tutorial you will learn how to calculate the energy stored in a moving object.

Chilled practice question

Calculate the work done if a car is pushed 2 Km with a force of 3200 N.

Frozen practice question

5600 J of work is done by a crane lifting a crate with a mass of 70 Kg. How high does the crane lift the load?

Science in context

Measured in joules and is energy transferred

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