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Boost Science/Physics Knowledge and GCSE examination grades achieving top marks in your Science and Physics calculations.

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Fridge Physics Free Resource

Fridge Physics demonstrates how to:

  • Use and transpose equations.
  • Gain maximum marks in Physics calculation questions.
  • Boost GCSE Science and Physics examination grades.

Fridge Physics content was created to support my GCSE students when applying the Maths to the Physics in Science calculations, this is a crucial component of GCSE Science and Physics examinations. All of this original content now appears in the Fridge Physics website.

The website includes over 150 videos, exam style questions and solutions allowing you to successfully learn routines to solve and complete the Maths in Physics calculations using equations.
This learning journey is assisted by Millie my dog who appears throughout the website. We donate to animal charities to support animals while they wait for their forever homes through Teacher Fast Feedback and Fridge Physics merchandise sales.

Pressure in a Gas

Gas Pressure is created when gas particles collide with the walls of their container. The more often the particles collide with the walls, and the faster they are moving, the greater the pressure….

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The magnification can be calculated if you know the actual size of the object and its image size. Demo In this tutorial you will learn how to calculate the magnification of objects…

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Kinetic Energy

In physics, the kinetic energy (KE) of an object is the energy that it has due to its motion. It is defined as the work needed for an object of a known mass to accelerate to…

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Acceleration is how quickly the velocity is changing whether it be speed, direction or both. Acceleration is a measure of how quickly the velocity of an object is changing. Demo…

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Learning Journey

The Maths component in GCSE Science and Physics can often appear to be hidden within topic content. Fridge Physics has extracted these key components and placed them in one area, this website.

Over one third of GCSE Science and Physics exam questions are Maths based, Fridge Physics will boost your understanding and ultimately your exam grade.

Solutions and Videos

Each solution includes:

  • A Demo video with a question which explains how to perform the calculation.
  • The Equation.
  • A foundation – Chilled practice question with a video solution.
  • A higher – Frozen practice question with a video solution.
  • A Science in context video.
  • Content continually replaced and reviewed.

Find solutions by topic, exam board or Index.

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