What is Charge?

The size of the current is the rate of flow of charge. Electrons are negatively charged particles which transfer energy through wires as electricity. Charge is measured in coulombs (C). Electrons are really small and the effect of one electron would be really difficult to measure, It is easier to measure the effect of a large number of electrons. One coulomb of charge is equivalent to 6,250,000,000,000,000,000 electrons.

Charge equation

To calculate Charge we use this equation.

$Q = { \mathit I \, \mathit t} $

Charge demo

In this tutorial you will learn how to calculate the the charge flowing in an electrical circuit.

Chilled practice question

Calculate the charge when a current of 16 A flows for 2 minutes.

Frozen practice question

How long must a current of 26 A flow to transfer 936 KC.

Science in context

The size of the current is the rate of flow of charge.

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