What is Resistance?

Resistance is an electrical quantity that measures how the device or material reduces the electrical current flow through it. Resistance is measured in ohms (Ω).If we make a comparison of resistance to water flow in pipes, the resistance is bigger when the pipe is thinner, so the water flow is decreased It slows down which also happens to the flow of electricity.

Resistance equation

To calculate Resistance we write the equation like this.

$V = { \mathit I \, \mathit R} $

Resistance demo

In this tutorial you will learn how to calculate the total resistance in an electrical circuit.

Chilled practice question

Calculate the resistance of a bulb supplied with 8 V and a current flow of 2 A.

Frozen practice question

Calculate the current in a circuit which has a resistance of 16 Ω and a potential difference of 8 V.

Science in context

Resistance reduces the flow of electricity.

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