OCR Gateway Science Physics A – P1


Forces can cause an object to rotate and the turning effect of the force is called…

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The size of the current is the rate of flow of charge. Electrons are negatively…

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Resistance is an electrical quantity that measures how a device or material reduces the electrical…

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Density is a measure of how compact the particles are in a substance. Density is defined…

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All moving objects have momentum. Forces can cause changes in momentum. The total momentum in…

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Speed is how fast an object is moving in no given direction. Velocity is how…

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OCR Gateway Science Physics A – P2

Wave Speed

Wave speed is given in meters per second (the number of waves that pass per second). Wavelength is measured in meters and frequency is measured…

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Half Life

The radioactivity of a sample decreases over time. Half life is a measurement of this decrease. What is Half life? The radioactivity of a…

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The efficiency of a device is the proportion of input energy that is converted to useful energy. What is Efficiency? The efficiency of a…

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A transformer is an piece of electrical apparatus which will increase or decrease the voltage in an alternating current. It can be designed to “step up”…

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